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MAR 2017

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M A R C H 2 0 1 7 6 2 A M E R I C A ' S C R O S S R O A D S carts. Many groups enjoy the lake tour and steak dinner, where guests are taken on a boat tour to a pavilion with prepared catering. There are numerous educational programs as well, such as Edible Insects. Though it may sound like a children's class, many adults enjoy the squeamish humor of the program, which discusses the edible insect industry and allows participants to try eating a dried cricket or a f lavored mealworm. Another program is Primitive Fire, where guests learn how to build a fire the old-fashioned way using two sticks and a string. w w w . d e g r a y . c o m Eminence, Missouri Though it just opened last July, Echo Bluff State Park is already drawing crowds to its brand-new lodge and beautiful trail system. The rustic-style Betty Lea Lodge features modern amenities and broad win - dows that overlook the surrounding scen- ery, as well as indoor and outdoor dining. The park is named after a large, sheer bluff on the property, where visitors can hear their voices echo because of the rock's concave shape. Just below the bluff, guests can swim, fish or canoe in Sinking Creek's crystal-clear water. Adventurers kayak through Echo Bluff State Park in Missouri. Groups can try stand-up paddle boarding on the peaceful waters of Arkansas' DeGray Lake. K A N S A S : E V E L K N I E V E L M U S E U M Kansas mous for his s r-sp gled costum nd d ring motor - cycle jumps during the 1960s nd 1970s, Evel Knievel went down in histor oneer stunt performer. pening this summer in Topek , K n s, the Evel Knievel Museum will house the world's l rgest collection of Knievel's helmets, motorcycl nd perform nce l ther s wel s the "Big Red" M ck truck he used to drive his bik ll over the country. "It w re m of Knievel's t v useum, but it neve ppened during his life," s id Mik tterson, owner of the museum. Visitors will b ble to experience the fe ts of Knievel's 11-ye r jump- in reer through inter ctive exhibits, suc ouch-screen displ y t t reve ls Knievel's broken bones. Knievel holds the Guinness World Record for the most broken bones i ifetime t 433. Guest lso pl n their own jumps throug r phic simul tor, or sit on motorcycle nd don virtu l-r lity goggles t t show r l jumping foot ge over 16 polic rs. The museum is p rt o 6,000-squ re-foot exp nsion of Historic H rley-D vidson, vint ge-bike museum t t f tures popul r b rbecue rest ur n lled Henry's Grill. W W W . V I S ITT O P E K A . C O M Courtesy DeGray Lake State Park DeGray Lake State Park in Arkansas Courtesy Missouri State Parks

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