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MAR 2017

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3 9 A M E R I C A ' S C R O S S R O A D S A L L T A S T E S L E A D T O or many people, music is a visceral experience, taking them back to childhood or defining moments in their lives. So when groups trace the roots of their favorite artists and music styles, they often feel a personal connection with that history. Next time you plan a trip to one of the states in America's Crossroads, consider taking your group to these remarkable music destinations. Dyess, Arkansas Before he became the "Man in Black," Johnny Cash hailed from the rural community of Dyess, Arkansas, where he lived from the age of 3 until he graduated from high school. Thanks to restoration efforts over the past few years, music fans can now visit the home that shaped so much of his personality and style. "The house has been restored to exactly how it looked when the Cash family lived there in the 1930s and '40s," said Ruth Hawkins, director of Arkansas Heritage Sites at Arkansas State University. The tour begins in the Dyess Colony Museum in the administrative building, which features exhibits on Cash's childhood and his life in Dyess Colony. Guests can watch several orientation videos at the restored Dyess Theatre next door, where Cash's brother worked and carved his initials. Next, a shuttle takes visitors to the home itself, where Cash first B y S a v a n n a h O s b o u r n Symphony in the Flint Hills features professional classical music performed in the Kansas tallgrass region.

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