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FEB 2017

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GROUP TRAVEL LE ADER T H E A M E N DI N G A M E R IC A P H I L A D E L P H I A Since the United States Constitution took effect in 1789, Congress has amended it 27 times — only 27 times out of 11,000 proposed amendments. Visitors can learn about some of those failed amendments while exploring "Amending America," on display through September 4 at the National Archives Museum in Washington. The longest it ever took to ratify an amendment was 202 years, seven months and 10 days. The 27th Amendment was first submitted for ratifica- tion in 1789 along with the 10 amendments that became the Bill of Rights, but it wasn't ratified until 1992. The exhibition features more than 50 original documents as well as interactive displays that highlight the process of amending the Constitution. Among the 11,000 proposed amendments was an 1838 effort to ban any person who had been involved in a duel from holding federal office, an 1888 amendment to give voting rights to widows and spinsters who owned property, and a 1938 effort to prohibit drunkenness — five years after Prohibition was repealed. W W W . A R C H I V E S F O U N D A T I O N . O R G Photos courtesy USNARA AN IMAGE FROM THE "AMENDING AMERICA" EXHIBIT DEPICTS A MOMENT FROM THE WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT THAT LED TO THE PASSING OF THE 19TH AMENDMENT. THIS DOCUMENT SHOWS THE ORIGINAL RESOLUTION DRAFTED TO INCLUDE A PROHIBITION OF DUELING IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. Owensboro, Kentucky Barbecue, Bourbon & Bluegrass 1-800-489-1131

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