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2 0 1 7 T R A V E L S O U T H T O U R P L A N N E R 60 explore THE OUTER BANKS GO The O uter B anks ® O F N O R T H C A R O L I N A For group adventures, contact Lorrie Love;, or call 877-629-4386 In addition to specialty pop- corns like kettle corn, vanilla corn and caramel corn with pecans or peanuts, Topsy's also makes its own line of sweets, such as maple fudge, ice cream treats and lime- ades. Since 1950, the store has popped over 37 million pounds of popcorn and shipped its products all over the world. "Just today, I've had four people call, two from Arizona, one from California and one from Michigan," said Blake. "It's usual- ly people who either grew up here or got it from somebody as a gift, and now they buy it every year." Compared to other brands, Topsy's popcorn has a thicker coating and holds more fl avor, garnering its world-famous sta- tus. Even many celebrities stop by to take advantage of the tasty snack item. MRS. HANES MORAVIAN COOKIES Cour tesy Topsy's Popcor n Cour tesy Topsy's Popcor n Cour tesy Mrs. Hanes Moravian Cookies TOPSY'S POPCORN TOPSY'S POPCORN

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