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JAN 2017

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hen faced with a three-hour motor- coach ride with less-than-exciting scenery, many group leaders turn to group games to combat their passengers' boredom. A fun and engaging game can not only pass time, but also bond the participants with a memory that otherwise would not have existed. That is why The Group Travel Leader has recently released the "Group Games: Trivia Quiz Motorcoach Activities E-Book." "Group games have long been our most popular web content," said Eliza Myers, online editor of The Group Travel Leader. "Our last group games e-book was so popular that we wanted to give group travel planners more resources to help keep their travelers active and engaged on the road." This edition of the Group Games e-book series focuses on knowledge quizzes and trivia games. N E W B O O K O F G R O U P T R I V I A G A M E S N O W A V A I L A B L E Groups travelers can test their pop culture memo- ries with the TV Trivia game or guess the sources of well-known sayings in the Famous Quotes by Famous People game. Other games focus on facts and tidbits from popular travel destinations, such as Alaska and Chicago, or travel themes, such as state nicknames and state slogans. "People love these outside-the-box games because they build camaraderie with other passengers, which can lead to lasting friendships," said Myers. "That's what you want on a group tour because it enhances passengers' entire travel experience and makes them more likely to book their next tour with your group." Each game comes with instructions for the group leader and, if needed, any handouts necessary to play the game. Group leaders can simply print whichever game they think will fit their next trip from the e-book document. The e-book is available as a free download for a limited time at: W W W.G RO U P T R A V E L L E A D E R . C O M / E B O O K I N D U S T RY E D U C AT I O N . 8 8 8 . 2 5 3 . 0 4 5 5 W W W . G R O U P T R A V E L L E A D E R . C O M / E B O O K it's GAME ON ebook T E N C U S T O M - M A D E A C T I V I T I E S F O R G R O U P S FREE ONLINE! for your groups! G A M E S VO L . 1 I S S U E 2

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