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JAN 2017

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T H E 1 1 0 GROUP G R R O U P TRAVEL LE ADER T H E — 2 1 C L O U I S V I L L E — LOU ISV ILL E, K EN T UCK Y Most of us have probably heard of this collection of "museum hotels" and the iconic colored penguins spreading across the country over the past 10 years. The Louisville hotel is the origi- nal museum hotel created by owners Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson to help revitalize the growing downtown area by infusing it with new life through their love of art. 21c stands for 21st century and the hotel incorporates contemporary art into its three components: the museum, the hotel and the restaurant. Contemporary art pieces covering a variety of mediums from sculpture to photography are featured in each area of the hotel and all guest rooms. The museum space makes up the public areas of the hotel, and each 21c location combines site-specific exhibits with its rotating collection. The Louisville location features a colorful wallpaper commission created by artist Virgil Marti and red penguins. Each 21c has its own color. The Louisville loca- tion also includes the restaurant Proof on Main, which is a stop on the city's Urban Bourbon Trail. The museum hotel concept has since spread to other cities and grow- ing downtown areas. The Louisville hotel is on Main Street and is a short walk from popular attractions like the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and the Louisville Slugger Museum. 21c hotels are now found in six cities throughout the country: Cincinnati; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Bentonville, Arkansas; Durham, North Carolina; and Lexington, Kentucky. A seventh location is set to open this spring in the historic Gray & Dudley Building in downtown Nashville. 21c also collaborates with other museums and art institutions by loaning pieces from its private collection. W W W. 21C M US EU M HOT E LS .COM / LOU ISV I L L E 2 Courtesy 21c Louisville Courtesy 21c Louisville Courtesy 21c Louisville Courtesy 21c Louisville EACH 21C GUEST ROOM FEATURES WORKS OF ART. 21C STANDS FOR 21ST CENTURY. 21C IS LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN LOUISVILLE. PROOF ON MAIN IS INCLUDED ON LOUISVILLE'S URBAN BOURBON TRAIL.

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