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w w w . o h i o h a s i t . c o m 49 O U T D O O R S hunting rabbits with their dog, the limestone cavern has natural stone steps and pathways that lead visitors down 11 stories. Guided one-hour walking tours weave through seven rooms, or lev- els, depending on the water table at tour time. At the cave's lowest point, visitors can see a crystal-clear stream, called Ole Mist'ry River, part of the vast groundwater system that underlies the region. Tours also point out fossils and take visitors into the Inscription Hall where, over the years, people have written their names. Guides highlight the cave's his- tory, small bat population and rich geology. " e cave temperature registers 54 degrees year-round, which makes it comfortable in the heat of summer and a nice change during the cold of winter," said owner Denise Bell, whose husband's parents opened the cave to the public in 1933. Afterward, panning for gemstones, newly made arrowheads, crys- tals or fossils takes place near the visitors center. It's a guaranteed fi nd because each visitor purchases a small bag fi lled with sand and fossils. e bag is emptied into an operating sluice with fl owing water, and the treasure is discovered as a take-home souvenir. A postcard helps identify the fossils or gemstones. Groups can also relax or eat at the shaded picnic area. Courtesy Seneca Caverns Seneca Caverns tour THE MUST DO ZOO AQUARIUM & One of America's favorite zoos, it's a must do! ,*"1,,3"/ǠǟǾǟǟǟ+&*)0Ǿ1%"7,,ȉ0)6,21&00- &,206"1 &+1&*1"Ǿ)),4&+$3&0&1,/0+2- ),0""5-"/&"+ ")&("+,,1%"/ǽ %"7,,#"12/"0 ,*-)"1")6/"+,31"!4,/)!Ȓ )00.2/&2* &+ )2!&+$ǨǤǾǟǟǟ$)),+ &Ɯ ""#1+(Ǿ+&*-/"00&3" ,))" 1&,+ ,#2&)!&+$0Ǿ7&-Ȓ)&+",3"/+&*)0Ǿ %))"+$" ,2/0"ȕ6,2 +"3"+%+!Ȓ#""!$&/ƛ"Ȃ+!4&1%1& ("1001/1&+$0),40ǠǥǾ &1ȉ0+&+ /"!&)"3)2"ǽ ,/*,/"&+#,/*1&,++! ,*-)"1"0 %"!2)"Ǿ3&0&11,)"!,7,,ǽ,/$

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