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14 2 0 1 7 o h i o h a s i t ! g r o u p t r a v e l g u i d e Courtesy Mosser Glass Mosser Glass retail B e g in y o ur j ourne y t o F antasti c s h oppin g S te p -on tour s A mp l e f ree par k ing Free cata l o g s and brochure s A f l f t h d i & t A f ree mea l f or th e d r i ver & e s cor t G re a t deal s a t the O u tl et S t ore En j o y lunch a t the C a st Iron Ca f é F ree shippin g on purchases ove r $10 0 Visit / bus-tou r s f or more in f ormation . Co nt ac t in fo @l eh ma ns .c om f or m or e in fo rm at io n C Pl ease a ll ow at l eas t two h ours f or y our vis it O n the S qu are in Kidron, Ohio I N THE HEART OF AMI S H COUNTRY O PEN EVERY DAY EX C EPT SU ND AY LEHMA N S . CO M 8 00 .4 38 . 53 46 « » MOSSER GLASS CAMBRIDGE Outside the town of Cambridge near Interstate 77, Mosser Glass is one of the nation's few family-owned businesses that manufactures hand-pressed glass. e business spans two generations of family members, and their cre- ations blend contemporary designs with timeless classics. e new retail store stocks the company's products at suggested retail prices — more than 1,000 diff erent patterns in a rainbow of colors on a variety of ser- vice ware. Although 95 percent of the inventory is created on-site, certain se- lected items, such as jewelry and hummingbird feeders, are sourced from other glass studios. e company also manufactures custom pieces. Outside of the Cambridge store, Mosser Glass primarily sells at wholesale to local gift shops and larger stores found across the country, such as Sur la Table. "Cake plates and service ware — glasses, pitchers, bowls and platters — remain our biggest sellers," said co-owner and family member Mindy Mosser Hartley. "And we can easily ship our products when someone picks it out and buys it at this location." Guided tours last about 15 minutes in the factory. Groups can watch glass coming out of the furnace, which fi res up to 2,000 degrees. Glass is then pressed into the molds and fi re polished after molding. Sometimes, a piece requires hand shaping to fi nish before the three-and-a-half-hour cooling process begins. Production varies from 150 larger items to 300 smaller pieces each day. "We're proud of our American-made products and family-owned company," said Hartley. "Our father began the company, and three out of his four children now operate the business." CARRUTH STUDIO WATERVILLE Fifteen minutes southwest of downtown Toledo, Garden Smiles art studio specializes in quirky original sculptures and whimsical home decor. Behind each creation is American sculptor George Carruth. His wife, Deb, helped turn his passion for concrete garden art into a family-run company. Each hand-cast sculpture can be displayed indoors or outside. e sculptures can withstand seasonal temperature swings and winter weather. Garden Smiles is the fl agship store for Carruth's creations that are sold on- line and in approximately 1,500 shops nationwide. It's the only place to fi nd his complete collection and have the opportunity to see the newest designs not yet M A D E I N O H I O

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